Castles and Crusades

Onto the goblin's lair

The party near the ruined temple in seach of Gritznak

Bandits stepped out of the woods, then fast wished they hadn’t as swift hands and blades cut them down fast, leaving only a couple to barter for their lives.

The party, following the words of Nefratel the Lammasu they met in the ruined elven tower, followed the river North for the next two days. Nightfall on the first day; full moon; led to a strange song and a sighting of a Nymph in the river, given praise to the moon. Reisling was familiar with such fey creatures, but Hiro seemed temporarily stunned by such beauty, although his willpower returned soon after and the two left the water spirit to it’s prayers.

The following day the party saw a Gnoll with two goblins walking the trail. Setting up an ambush, Hiro threw a dart with such deadly precision it dropped the Gnoll in one blow. The goblins soon fell too, mostly to Reisling’s arrows. Hiro was quite pleased at destroying the Gnoll warlord Gritznak until other more learned members suggested that this might be nothing more than a common Gnoll under his charge.

Two days passed, and the group finally encountered a statue of the Horned One, and evil god of older times. It’s arm pointed away from the river, and it was here the party moved off the old imperial roadway and onto loose tracks for the day. This in time took them to the ruins of a temple, all but destroyed with tracks leading away in several directions.

Where the tracks met, in the ruins of what once must have been a large building, stairs descended down into the darkness. Doug of Toth called for his god to light a stone and threw it into the opening. The group then wandered into the underhalls of the temple, and crept towards the first room.

Inside two bored goblins threw dice and drank, leaning against a large, horned statue, whilst two more of their number slept. The party fell upon tham fast, although the goblins offered up some resistance a few light injuries before the groups blades could put them down. Reisling also offered a greater wound upon the group, firing an arrow into Hiro’s back, and leaving the monk quite injured even after Doug’s curative prayers.


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